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Opportunities: Apartments El Kawther

Apartments El Kawther

El Kawther is the banking area of Hurghada.

Lots of business rentals are available here, because this is the beating heart of Hurghada. At night people enjoy themselves here as the are is full of restaurants and stores, which are open until midnight. f

From these apartments it is a 20 minute walk to the beach. From Loutas Building within 10 minutes even.

Cost per m2 is 11,000 egp now, we may still offer them to you for 8000 egp m2. So at the time of signing you have already earned money. respectively 59 m2 and 91 m2 so that means an apartment for 22,500 euros or a slightly larger one for 38,800 euros. Search on FB for Bravey apartments so you know how they look furnished.

And of course you can still rent them there as well.


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